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Strip-Search For Poetry: A Limerick Contest For The Supreme Court

Update 4/24/2012: The winner has been announced! See the post at onthewilderside: here.

Five men of the court were quite rude,
Giving rights to police very lewd.
Well fair’s fair, I dare say.
I’ve decided this way:
We should make them hold court in the nude.

Americans should be outraged by the April 2, 2012 decision of the Supreme Court to allow police to strip search anyone sent to jail — no matter how small the offense, and without suspicion of contraband. Their decision means that some people stopped merely for traffic offenses will be strip searched. The ACLU comments on the matter are: here. There is a good story about this at Time (posted on Yahoo News) 4/6/2012: Strip Searches: The Supreme Court’s Disturbing Decision.

Onthewilderside looks forward to a lot of creative ways for people to protest this decision, and work to overturn it. As for us, we are holding a Limerick Contest. Please post in the comments. The winner’s limerick will be a featured post-of-the-day on our blog, and a semi-permanent fixture in our poetry section. [Contest deadline: Please post in our comment section by Saturday, April 7, 2012]

Ian’s limerick:

around the law the court did dance
they decided you have no chance
if jaywalking art thou
then you must drop trou
so lets have justice without pants

How the Supreme Court voted:

Voted FOR giving jails more rights to strip search people:

Chief Justice John Roberts
Justice Anthony Kennedy
Justice Samuel Alito, Jr.
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Clarence Thomas


Voted AGAINST. (Note: All three women of the court voted in the way that would have protected people’s privacy):

Justice Stephen Breyer
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Justice Elena Kagan

20 Responses

  1. There once were five men from D.C.
    Who turned justice to travesty
    They turned every jail
    Into the next Chippendale’s
    So the cops could see more man-titty!

  2. Why go into court
    When at the Irish Times bar
    You can buy a jusice
    For a pint of GUINNESS

  3. […] Strip-Search For Poetry: A Limerick Contest For The Supreme Court 10 hours […]

  4. Chief Justice John Roberts is a clown
    He turns privacy rights upside-down
    So now we will find
    Justice more than blind
    Doing a Perp walk with her pants down!

  5. […] Strip-Search For Poetry: A Limerick Contest For The Supreme Court (onthewilderside.com) […]

  6. Supreme Indecency (Limerick)
    Thanks to Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia,
    And their pals, cops can strip ya and see ya.
    They don’t need any reason:
    It’s strip searching season.
    Our privacy’s gone! Mama mia!

    • Wow! Madeleine,

      Great limerick! And, I lovvvve your site!

      Looks like you are always watching the political hijinx with humor. I will be visiting often!


      • Great to meet you and discover your fun site! Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I’ve been writing political satire for a really long time and write lots of political limericks.

        By the way, we have other things in common: I grew up on Long Island (Massapequa Park) and currently live in Bayside, And I worked as an oboist for many years. I’ll be stopping by often as well.

  7. […] Strip-Search For Poetry: A Limerick Contest For The Supreme Court (onthewilderside.com) Share this:ShareEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Tags: Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, BarackObama, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback […]

  8. There once were five men in DC,
    Whose judgment–a travesty,
    It says “Strip searches all the time
    No matter what the crime,
    Is OK,” so much for being free.

  9. Limericks submitted via e-mail from Jeff A/Pisces:

    The Court has privacy rights repealed
    And an officer my body revealed
    His eyes opened wide
    In horror he cried,
    “M’gosh what a weapon he concealed!!”


    In the 70’s people took off all their clothes
    And got arrested for streaking exposed
    But now fully clad
    If picked up for being bad
    The Court’s reversed the order, I suppose.


    Most people view cops as protectors
    Against indecency and salation: deflectors
    But now part of each probe
    The accused must disrobe
    Giving new meaning to the rank of ‘inspectors!’


    Innocent till guilty was Law of the Land
    Now High court rules privacy can be canned
    Since against crime we’re tough
    You’ll be stripped to the buff
    And the Forth Amendment shall be Damned!

  10. There once were five judges on SCOTUS
    That said it was fine to unclothe us
    They said “feel away!”
    “We think its okay!”
    I think they should hang by their scrotus

  11. Citizens United declares
    A person’s rights the corporation now shares
    So it’s about time
    When accused of a crime
    Big Business must show off its ‘wares!

    • Jeff,

      I think you should put together a chapbook with these.

      Very cool how you can churn out limericks.

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  13. […] You can see eleven limericks in the comments at the contest announcement post: here. […]

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