Air Quality: Suffolk County receives an “F”

The full report, with background and info on air pollution issues, is at an American Lung Association webpage: here

Detailed, Suffolk County article at Newsday (subscription media): at Newsday here.

(excerpt from) Newsday

Suffolk County continues to have the worst measured smog problem in the state, and pollution from soot, diesel exhaust and other sources is on the rise, the American Lung Association has found.

In its annual State of the Air report card released Wednesday, the Lung Association gave Suffolk an “F” for the 13th year in a row for ozone, the primary ingredient in smog…



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  1. I am curious as to where the tests are performed. Suffolk is a very large County with many east to west miles between points. Surely, East Farmingdale might have a different report than say, East Hampton. It appears Suffolk County generates it’s own air pollution and gets a good dose of the NYC area pollution also. How
    else could the County pollution levels be worse than the higher density areas to the West?

    • To Pat – Thanks for stopping by. And, thanks for the questions.

      About Nassau v Suffolk…you could look at the report and criteria closely and check out why. In Long Island Press it notes that Suffolk had a “purple” day — which is the worst rating — while Nassau had no purple days during the study. So, perhaps overall the numbers are different.

      About different areas in Suffolk being different…I am sure that you are correct, and each area would have a different reading. I think the study only divided things up into certain areas to report. Though, even if we have high and low pollution areas across Suffolk, most of us drive through several areas everyday.

      I hope that the government will focus on fixing this problem. And, that Suffolk residents will try to fix it, and complain to government about it. Some suggestions are driving less and using less electricity.

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