NYPD Arrests NYCLU Legal Observer at Occupy Wall Street event

KW writes: The police must learn to change. The police must learn to respect people who are protesting. And, police departments should learn to fire police officers who are caught doing wrong. In addition, the public should have easy ways to recall politicians like Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who allow bad cops to continue harassing people, and thus deprive us of our human rights and our Constitutional Rights.

(excerpt from) Gothamist.com
NYPD Arrests NYCLU Legal Observer On OWS Spring Training March

An NYCLU legal observer was arrested during an OWS march in front of an MTA building in Lower Manhattan yesterday [April 27th]…

videographer Tim Pool captured Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona speaking forcefully to the legal observer, then pulling her into the street by her arm to be arrested. [See screen shot photo: here] [Johnny] Cardona is best known for punching protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in the face for seemingly no reason at a demonstration on October 14 of last year…

KW writes:

Shouldn’t this policeman be fired? How many aggressive mistakes against civilians is a police officer allowed to make before they realize he needs to find a different line of work? Why should someone like Johnny Cardona keep his job, when there are so many unemployed people who would do the job with more skill and integrity?

If you need more proof than the video and photo, and that fact that she was a legal observer with the NYCLU, to understand that the legal observer was right and the policeman, Johnny Cardona, was wrong: The charges were dropped already. (And, Police Departments do not drop charges unless they are really wrong, there is extremely strong proof, and they know they can’t win.)

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