Occupy Wall Street/May Day in NYC update (and crowd estimate)

Tues into Wed: 3:45 am update:

Hundred of folks ended up in Zuccotti / Liberty Square
Lots of press and good things happened on May Day in NYC
Great slideshow (with signs and union contingents) at Examiner.com: here.

10:45pm – People are yelling to go to Zucotti Park!

Update at 10:34pm:Police knocked someone down. As he was on the ground, they hit his leg with a baton two times. They did not arrest him. He walked away on the shoulders of two friends. Protesters are at Stone and Hanover Square. Things are tense.

Another unfair arrest (or two) at 10:40pm at Pearl Street. A protester attacked by police and blood is drawn (as reported by the NYCLU Twitter)

Update at 10:01pm:Crisis point at Veterans Memorial at 55 Water Street. It is 10:09pm. NYPD is announcing people have a few minutes to leave. (I think it is too crowded to actually get out.)

Watch at Timstream:

Live Twitter from Molly Knefel who is on the ground:


Union Square, just after 6pm

May Day and Occupy events around the country yielded interesting outcomes. A road was closed down at the LA airport. 5 Bank of America branches were closed down in Chicago.  Tear gas was used in Oakland and Seattle. You can find some links and info at occupwallst.org: here.

Occupy Wall Street/May Day in NYC evening update:

At first, news outlets were saying around 3:30pm that there were “hundreds” of demonstrators. Now, most outlets are at least saying “thousands”. I heard a number in passing on an informal activist chat that suggested there were 15,000 people in the Union Square to Wall Street march. Below are some evening live blog updates, including a crowd estimate, as published by OccupyWallSt.org

  • 8:38pm: Popular assembly about to begin at Veteran’s Memorial – 55 Water St. [NYC] #PeoplesAssembly [GA still happening at 9:49pm. Timstream is live: http://www.ustream.tv/timcast -KW ]
  • 8:30pm: The permitted march [in NYC] is over. Meet up at Battery Park!
  • 7:30pm: The very front of the march now reaching #LibertySquare. The sidewalks are barricaded, but the park is open. Crowd estimates place size between 10,000 to 25,000. Follow the action via this list of #M1GS street journalists on Twitter or any of the streams throughout this article!
  • 7pm: From Foley Square to Union Square, Broadway is Occupied. March headed to Wall Street now. via @mollyknefel: ¨We are 32 blocks south of Union Sq. People just left there and the streets are full the whole way.¨

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