No NATO protests in Chicago: Police move in, updates, etc.

NATO protest Live Streaming from Chicago:

At Tim Pool’s Timcast: here

At OccupiedAir: here

FrontLine Tweeting by Occupied Air:

It is 6:19pm local time in Chicago/7:10pm EST. Some updates:

Huge march. Before it started, mainstream local press reported at least 2,000 gathering. I think it got up to 5,000 or more.

The march started in the early afternoon. It was mostly peaceful, with only a handful of confrontations and arrest. But, this evening, the Chicago Police told people to disperse, and some people are staying and holding their ground. The police have beat some protesters. Reports of at least one protester with a bloody head.

If you watch LiveStream now, it would be very helpful. It is 7:14 pm EST and a huge police line with riot gear faces protesters.

A pretty good news story is at Alternet: here.

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