Wisconsin Recall Vote today: Vote against union-busting Governor Scott Walker

Update on 6/6: Scott Walker survived the recall vote. [One story: here] And, we learned something about Wisconsin political rules. We did not realize that the recall involved an opponent, instead of just a “yes/no” vote. Wonder if that is the best and most democratic way to do a recall? Seems like it was a way that let the bad politician off-the-hook.


(excerpt from) TIME
Wisconsin Holds Recall a Year in Making

…both sides of the recall election targeting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are prepared for a razor-thin margin Tuesday as the Republican tries to become the first U.S. governor to successfully fend off a recall effort.

The vote will bring to a conclusion more than a year of turmoil in Wisconsin after Walker pushed through a bill stripping workers of collective bargaining rights…

On a New York note:

Onthewilderside Co-founder and Green Party activist Ian Wilder states:

“New York Governer Andrew Cuomo (D-WFP) should be the next to be recalled, since he has the same fiscal policies as Scott Walker, and is also backed by The Koch brothers.”


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