Wikileaks drama: Someone shut down Wikileaks

Wikileaks recently put out information about “Trapwire”, a multi-country surveillance network, including facial recognition cameras, operated by company with deep ties to the CIA. (Story: here.)

Now, the Wikileaks website is having trouble staying functional, because of a denial-of-service attack. The attack is allegedly from a group of young hackers in the United States. (Though, really, I am not buying that story. And, I think it is very odd it happens to be coming from the US, when Assange is in England, his nationality is Australian, and it is Sweden who is trying to extradite him. Hmmmmm….what made a group of American youths so upset? Really?)

Any support of Wikileaks is helpful. See if you can find the website, donate funds, and/or raise awareness of the issue.

Here is a story with a regular-media bias: here.

A good way to stay up-to-date, and see if the Wikileaks website goes live again is to follow them on Twitter at @Wikileaks


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