Why did the Peace Index soar on September 11th?

The Peace Index climbed from 153 on September 10th to 337 on September 11th. The previous range of numbers was only 27 points. Though, for September 11th, it jumped 184 points in one day.

Over at Peace Couple here, we have a full post, exploring our guesses about why the jump may have happened.

If you would like to follow the daily updates for the PAXi Peace Index, you can visit our Peace Couple website each day, or follow Peace Couple on Twitter, @PeaceCouple via www.twitter.com/PeaceCouple.

Here is a sample of numbers from PAXi. The full list is updated occasionally at the original PAXi/Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States Post: here.

July 15, 2012 PAXi: 131 (Opening Day of the PAXi Index)
July 16, 2012 PAXi: 147
July 17, 2012 PAXi: 145

July 27, 2012 PAXi: 137
July 28, 2012 PAXi: 138
July 29, 2012 PAXi: 140

Aug 8, 2012 PAXi: 150 (First time the PAXi reached 150)
Aug 9, 2012 PAXi: 145

Sept 7, 2012 PAXi: 154
Sept 8, 2012 PAXi: 158 (new high for PAXi)
Sept 9, 2012 PAXi: 156
Sept 10, 2012 PAXi: 153
Sept 11, 2012 PAXi: 337


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