Cornel West at Hofstra: Pre-debate lecture

Cornel West @ Hofstra U 10/3/12

Presidential Debates create a flurry of discussion, networking, and socializing.

The corporate party debate is being held in Colorado tonight. (The activists in Colorado will be occupying the debate!)

In the internet universe, activists, independents, and third party supporters will be watching the debate on Democracy Now!, where third party candidates will have a chance to respond.

On Long Island, the cool place to be is at Hofstra University, where Dr. Cornel West is giving a lecture. And, afterwards, the debate will be live streamed to the audience there.

Ian Wilder of onthewilderside is on the ground at Hofstra. His wrap-up report with photos is: here.

Timely updates:

October 3rd starting at 7pm. Dr. Cornel West lecture, followed by Q & A. “Election 2012: A Citizen’s Guide to US Foreign and Economic Policies.”

So far, there is a nice size crowd. A lot of students, and rows and rows of reserved seats for students. Ian saw one activist colleague, and another Public Access TV producer friend. There are some local elected officials in the crowd, including Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby.

We had heard that some folks from Occupy Long Island were going to flier there, to bring people to their events coming up at the Hofstra Presidential Debate.  Ian got flyers from them.

8:56pm update:

Ian’s report from after the lecture…

Prompted by commenter, Cornel West offers profound comments on Plato’s the cave, and Plato’s critique of democracy.

Cornel West said both candidates are owned by Wall Street. Both candidates are wrong on the drones and wrong on the NDAA. But, he still says he will vote for Obama.

Cornel West had strong thoughts on love and justice. He differentiates being Christ-like, instead of just “Christian”. For example, noting that Jesus did not come out against homesexuals.

MLK’s triplets of evil were mentioned. One speaker, and then Cornel West, listed different triplets. Cornel West included poverty and materialism among the evils.

Cornel West noted that movements need to be for everyone, such as Dr. King described.

Cornel West noted that culture is an important force for change. Dr. West noted that Jay-Z should use his platform as a real force for change.  West talked about the necessity of everyone, including artists, being a force of social justice.  He spent some time rhapsodizing on the genius of Biggie and jay-Z.  West then took a turn into questioning now that Jay-z has conquered the music work what will he do with his power.  He suggested that jay-Z should use this power to help lift up the poor and oppressed.

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  1. Kimberly’s debate-night encounter. In our courtyard, passing through while doing the laundry:

    K: You gonna watch the debates?

    Neighbor: You bet.

    K: Not sure if you would want to see the third parties, but if you go to, you can see the third party comments, too.

    Neighbor: Oh, that sounds good. Because — I know you don’t want to hear this, Kim — but I am usually a Republican. But, this time…

    K: I know, they are both ridiculous.

    Neighbor: Beyond ridiculous. This is the worst I ever remember.

  2. Obama says, “As we wind down two wars…” That sounds so clean and easy. But, does not seem to recall a clamoring (or even commitment) to peace.

  3. […] Eye witness reports on Cornel West and debate streaming at Hofstra tonight […]

  4. A brief account of Occupy movement’s experiences at the Cornel West lecture can be found here and on other Occupy Long Island FB pages

  5. […] Eye witness reports on Cornel West and debate streaming at Hofstra tonight […]

  6. […] Eye witness reports on Cornel West and debate streaming at Hofstra tonight […]

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