News12 LI excludes third party candidate from debate

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Mike McDermott is on the ballot, as a Libertarian, for Congress, 3rd District, Long Island, NY. Even though he is ballot-qualified, News12 is excluding him from their debates.

The e-mail excerpted below is from a Libertarian-minded, occupy friend. Please help if you believe in ballot access. Letters-to-the-editor might be useful. And, an e-mail for News12 is: news12li AT news12 DOT com

Our friend told us that Pat Dolan of News12 is the decision-maker on this. So, it might be useful to contact Pat Dolan, as well. (Pat Dolan was also the decision-maker who kept me from debating as a Green Party candidate a few years back.)

Hello all-

Channel 12 is shutting Mike McDermott out of their debate for Congressional District 3. He’s on the ballot for the Libertarian party, the only candidate not of either major party, but they are refusing to invite him, they say because Libertarians aren’t a ballot access party.

We are mounting a public relations campaign to pressure them into letting Mike debate…I hope we can come together around the idea that the public is entitled to know about all of their ballot options, and Channel 12 is ethically obligated to give him a fair hearing.

Also notable is that Cablevision was [Congressman] Steve Israel’s second largest campaign donor…


New York Congressional District 3
(used to be Peter King’s district)

Now covers:

Parts of Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens

Presently running:

Steve Israel (Democrat) (incumbent, with 2nd District)
Stephen Labate (Republican)
Mike McDermott (Libertarian)
Anthony Tolda (Constitution Party)

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