Hurricane Sandy: Long Island storm photos and video

Hurricane Sandy Photos at Flickr: here. Videos at previous post and same reposted at the readmore here.

North Babylon High School tree damage from Hurricane Sandy photos at Flickr

Tuesday morning, Oct 30th update: Reports say 1/2 of all LIPA/Long Island Power Authority customers lost power. We have half-power again, after losing all power for awhile. Government and local paper telling people to stay indoors due to downed trees and power lines. Worried about some family in the city. Phone is out, so communications difficult. The wind has died down tremendously. Some folks are walking about outside. Though, a tree branch still partially blocks our doorway.


Hurricane Sandy: Long Island

Hurricane Sandy: Tree branches down

Hurricane Sandy update: It is about 8:20pm (Monday, 10/29). We are in North Babylon, Long Island, New York. Our home is a few blocks north of Sunrise Highway/Route 27. So, we have not experienced so much flooding. We are dealing with lots and lots of wind. A tree came down on the roof of our apartment building, and the one next door in our courtyard. It is blocking our front door (shared by other apartments), so I am a little nervous. Most of our electricity is out. But, we have some outlets working. So, we put the refrigerator on the working outlet, and are able to post on-line for now.

Our family all seems well. One friend was evacuated from her home on Eastern Long Island near the South Shore. But, she has given optimistic reports, otherwise.

Hurricane Sandy: Cat in Window

Hurricane Sandy: Cat in Window finally sees some excitement: A fallen branch. More like this at:

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