Election Night musings and links

A polling place in Babylon, Long Island, NY. Nov 6, 2012.

To see how the election has affected the Peace Index, see post and chart at Peace Couple: here.

National results which include third parties at Politico: here.

2012 Suffolk County Election Results at the Board of Elections: here

Voting is brisk on Long Island. At the left is a photo of our polling place in Babylon. It was more crowded than we had ever seen it. The lines were long for most ED’s, but at least inside the door. The election workers said that there were only tables for our regular Election Districts, but there were extra people because a lot of displaced voters came to vote there.

Suffolk County Board of Elections is wrongly rejecting registrations from the DMV/ Department of Motor Vehicles sign-ups.

Governor Cuomo made a last minute process that displace voters could go to other polls. That move will create lots of paper ballots, and lots of confusion. Our guess is that no one will be able to “call” or “guess” the outcome of the New York elections.

There are early returns in states where voting has closed. Mitt Romney won Kentucky and West Virginia. Barack Obama won Vermont. All of those were expected results. As of 8:40pm, someone on Democracy Now! says that some folks are predicting Obama will win, based on the returns and info coming in.

Some places to hang out on-line on election night are:

Democracy Now! coverage:

Green Party of the United States returns
and streaming can be found here:

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