Long Island weather: Foggy for the morning commute

Fog Video at the readmore…

Fog on the roads today, on Long Island. As if the post Hurricane Sandy cleanup and weather wasn’t enough for us all to deal with. At least the odd/even gas rules have made getting gas a little bit easier.

Long Island: Fog. Photo from http://onthewilderside.com

Deer Park Ave: Monday, Nov 12 around 5:45am

It’s 7:04am, and still very foggy outside.

Also, foggy, are the memories of environmentalists. Al Gore is making maneuvers on Climate Change with a Twitter hashtag of #dirtyweather and a movie “24 Hours of Reality”…

One of Gore’s supporters said that “An Inconvenient Truth” was an “I Told You So” on climate change. But, the “I Told You So” belongs to the Green Party, who told people to vote “Green Party” and demand government action. The Green Party was correct, watching Al Gore’s movie and voting “Democratic Party” got America nowhere fast.


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