Explaining the reality of Obama’s “kill list” and drones that kill Americans

(excerpt from) Common Dreams
Reining in Obama and His Drones
by Ralph Nader

More than 2,500 people have been killed by Obama’s drones, many of them civilians and bystanders, including American citizens, irrespective of the absence of any “imminent threat” to the United States…

The “kill lists”  are the work of Obama and his advisors, led by John O. Brennan, and come straight from the White House, according to The New York Times.  Apparently, the president spends a good deal of time being prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner and concealer. But he does so quietly; this is no dramatic “thumbs-down” emperor…


Please read the full article at Common Dreams, for key facts and interesting arguments about the un-constitutionality of Obama’s drone program: Ralph Nader essay on Obama’s kill lists at Common Dreams: here.

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