Mic Check: NYC pays for destruction of Occupy Library

The People's Library Sign At Occupy Wall StreetWe celebrate the news in The Village Voice article, City Settles Lawsuit Over The Destruction of the Occupy Wall Street Library showing that the Occupy movement received some measure of justice for the wanton destruction of their community.

Occupy Wall Street claimed $47,000 in damages  [for the loss of books and computers], all of which the city agreed to pay today.

. . . The city also agrees to pay $75,000 for the destruction of property of Global Revolutions TV, a media outfit that was active in the park, along with $49,850 in lawyers fees and costs, as well as $8,500 to Times Up New York, who lost bicycle generators in the raid.

As we have posted here previously, we donated supplies directly to Occupy Wall Street, including books for the library.  We are heartened to see that our donation was not completely lost in the destruction of #OWS (which destruction was nationally orchestrated by the Obama administration.)

Occupy Wall Street Library was raided by police on November 15, 2011. Though, The People’s Library lives on! An interview below on December 2, 2011, at Occupy Broadway, with Allegra, who was witness to the November 15th raid. End titles include music from the drum circle, which was performed a few blocks away from the main event during Occupy Broadway.

For more info on the OWS People’s Library, go to:www.peopleslibrary.wordpress.com


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