PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse Videos 10/4/13

PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical, Folk Music, Poetry, and Whatever Coffeehouse

Video Reflections of the inspiring and well-attended, Friday, October 4th Coffeehouse…

Music of peace and justice with Harmonic Insurgence
with director, Gene Glickman

Poetry with Amityville local, Lois Walker 

Singer/Songwriter Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio fame

Looking forward to the November Coffeehouse on Friday, November 1st. Info at the PeaceSmiths website: here.

More about the October performers…

Harmonic Insurgence

Harmonic Insurgence has been singing about peace, freedom, justice, and social change since 2003. They present musical styles including folk, reggae, blues, labor, and love songs.The choir’s music is enhanced by the rich harmonies and intricate rhythms of director Gene Glickman’s arrangements.

Lois Walker

Amityville poet and visual artist Lois Walker led the Long Island Poetry Collective for many years, and was a long-time editor of Xanadu Poetry Journal. She was also an early mentor of poet Ian Wilder.

Brian Sendrowitz

Singer/Songwriter Brian Sendrowitz sings with a heart full of joy. Brian can sometimes be seen performing with his band, Beat Radio. Brian’s wonderful, original, music uses elements of folk, pop and indie rock. During a Babylon Green gathering at the Wilders’ home years ago, Brian made a profound statement about love songs being political (which quote we can never exactly remember.)

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