Suffolk Green Party Supports Transgender Day of Remembrance

Green Party of SuffolkThe Green Party of Suffolk County announces our support of Transgender Day Of Remembrance, also known as TDOR, traditionally held on November 20th. We are announcing our support of this event both in its worldwide form, and its local events throughout Suffolk County.

TDOR is a worldwide event observed since 1999. The event is designed to raise awareness about the problems of discrimination, violence, and murder directed against transgender and gender-nonconforming people, and to commemorate the lives of transgender and gender-nonconforming people worldwide who have died from this kind of violence. As hate crimes are based on perpetrators’ prejudices rather than the identities of their targets, anyone who steps outside stereotypical gender expectations may be targeted for this kind of violence, whether or not they identify as transgender.

The other purpose of TDOR is solidarity, bringing together people from all parts of the transgender, gender and friends, and allies communities, to show that people are in solidarity against hate and violence, and in favor of community and freedom to express oneself. 

The Green Party of Suffolk’s diversity platform is in agreement with the mission and values of TDOR. We are opposed to hate crimes, violence and murder being directed against people for any reason, including gender identity and/or expression. We support all people having the freedom to live as and express their gender. Therefore we support TDOR, both as a worldwide event and in particular as a local event observed at several locations throughout Suffolk County. These events include the Greater Long Island TDOR held this year in, as well as events at Stony Brook and St. Joseph’s Universities and the LI GLBT Services Network.

*For information all about TDOR in general, go to
*For information about the 11/20 Bayshore event, contact the Long Island GLBT Network at or (631) 665-2300
*For information about the 11/20 Stony Brook University event, contact the Center for Prevention and Outreach at (631) 632-2748

If you have any further questions, please email Cynthya Rossi at

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