Brookhaven fights Citizens United 12/17/15

End Corporate personhoodThis is the moment we have been waiting for!
 After months (actually years) of lobbying, we will have a Sense Resolution re-introduced to the Brookhaven Town Board, on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. The actual vote on the Resolution will follow the General Public Comment, if time allows, the Board must begin Public Hearings promptly at 6:30.   If this happens, the Resolution vote will follow immediately after the Public Hearings. Brookhaven Town Hall is located at One Independence Hill, Farmingville, NY 11738.
Even better, you can speak directly to the Board during the “General Public Comment” and urge them to support democracy.   Arrive at Town Hall early, between 4:30 and 5:00 (no later than 5:30, the earlier you come, the better your chances of having an opportunity to speak).   Go to the desk on the left side of the room, ask the clerk at the desk for a comment card and fill it out.  When your name is called, go to the desk with the microphones.  You have 3 minutes to speak.   You need not be a professional public speaker, just speak from your heart.
It will send a statement from the Town of Brookhaven to the State legislature that NY must be the 17th State to support a Constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous effects of Citizens United, among other Supreme Court decisions.
Councilwoman Kepert will be introducing the Resolution.  Councilwoman Cartright will second it.

Your presence in the room is vital.   Please bring your family and friends.
We ask you to call on your Councilpersons to urge them to support our Resolution.
This is your chance to make yourself heard.   This is a chance to make a difference.
 In solidarity,
 Your Friends at Brookhaven-Move to Amend

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