Video: Spring Swan

This Swan, moving through the water on a gray day, reminds me of the capricious way that Spring has unfolded here on Long Island this year. Contradictory, but satisfying, with the beauty being worth the wait. This footage was taken at Southards Pond in Babylon.

Help for Wyandanch School District

Newsday reports: “Wyandanch’s board president says the system should close and send its 1,900 students to other districts nearby.” KW writes: I know that school district issues are complicated. School districts are not just bureaucracies, they are also quasi-governmental entities. Still, I think the bottom line of the current problem with the Wyandanch Schools is […]

A special treat: Sunday at Pisces Cafe

Pisces Cafe is our favorite eatery, and the best place in the world for an interesting cup of tea. Pisces is usually opened for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Though, this weekend, they will also be open on Sunday (June 7, 2009) to celebrate the sidewalk festival in Babylon Village – Spring Fling. Pisces […]

Global Warming In Your Neighborhood

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