Who may belong to the Congressional Black Caucus?

There is a very interesting development in the world of politics. The Congressional Black Caucus [CBC] — traditionally a group of Democratic Congresspeople — may open its doors to black, Republican Congresspeople. Besides issues related to the ideology and membership of the potential Republican members, there is another interesting aspect to this change: What will […]

Some Diversity and Caucus updates

Ian and I are having so much trouble keeping up. I apologize that this update includes the meetings I had to attend, and some of what we are able to catch with the luck of passing by the correct meeting rooms.

Adding (and keeping) diversity in the national Green Party

From Kimberly: I am a non-voting member of the Green Party of the United States Diversity Committee. (I like to refer to it as the GP-US DivCom.) The DivCom has been on low energy for a couple of years. We kind of got wiped out during the struggle of including some new caucuses. Though, we […]