People’s Trial of Goldman Sachs: Brought to you by Occupy Wall Street and WBAI

Update: This trial and action happened. Protesters chanted “Goldman Sucks”. Chris Hedges and Reverend Billy were arrested as part of the anti-Goldman Sachs demonstration. Story at The Gothamist: here. Note that this event is just in time to get people thinking about Bank Transfer Day on Saturday, November 5th! WBAI 120 Wall Street 10th Floor: […]

Cornel West arrested at Supreme Court, related to Occupy DC

BET reports: “Activist and professor Cornel West was arrested on the steps of the Supreme Court building Sunday afternoon while taking part in Occupy DC protests. West was holding up a sign that ready “Poverty is the Greatest Violence of All…” Link above has photo, more info, and the promise of more coverage. Cornel West […]

Dr. Cornell West @OccupyWallSt

[youtube=] General Assembly 9/27/11 ~7:05 p.m. EST Liberty Park, NYC, NY, USA Dr. Cornell West speaks: “Don’t be scared to say revolution.” Related articles Occupy Wall Street: Sunday morning update… ( Jeremy Gilchrist: Occupy Wall Street (We Are the 99%) video (