AP Greenout in DC: Say My Name

I am used to my local paper, Newsday, having a Greenout in its reporting on politics. I am not talking about the usual Greenout where they pretend there are no other candidates than the corporate Democratic/Republican candidate.  I am talking about where they report on another similarly situated candidate and give short shrift to the […]

Free DC! The Obama Inauguration and a New Chance for Democracy in Our Nation’s Capital

OpEdNews:  Free DC! The Obama Inauguration and a New Chance for Democracy in Our Nation’s Capital In fact, Democratic politicians have retreated further from the goal of DC statehood, deleting it from the Democratic national platform in 2004 and keeping it out in 2008. The only party to endorse statehood in its national platform is […]

How soon can D.C. get a rep in Congress?

The DC Statehood Green Party affirm with every mention of their name that DC deserves to get its fair representation in Congress. Some media have reported a possible deal to give DC and Utah each an extra vote in Congress at the same time. (Which, is one way to cancel out the probably Democratic vote […]

DC Statehood GP: Del. Norton, Dems & Reps abandon DC statehood in platform draft

DC Statehood Green Party criticizes Del. Norton, her Democratic Party,  and the Republican for omitting DC statehood from the 2008 Democratic or Republican platform draft The Green Party is the sole party on the DC ballot that supports statehood for the District; Statehood Greens, DC’s ‘Second Party,’ will carry the banner for DC statehood in […]

At-Large DC Council candidate GP David Schwartzman: Quick fixes won’t lower the District’s crime rate

David Schwartzman, the DC Statehood Green Party’s candidate for at-large member of the City Council, said yesterday that District government must enact long-term and systematic measures to reduce the local crime rate, rather than rely on “quick fixes.” Mr. Schwartzman identified expansion of community-police partnerships, moving police officers from their cars onto the street, and […]

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