Say Yes! to non-corporate politics

For the last 20 years, Yes! Magazine has been at the forefront of providing alternatives to the corporatocracy.  It regularly provides news of alternatives to the big corporate choices in banking, food, housing, and work.  Only in electoral politics does Yes! Magazine fail to understand that there are non-corporate alternatives. I have had a private dialogue […]

Contest to Change the Name of Democracy Now!

Democracy Now does enough good-sounding reporting to keep some credibility, but when you come down to it they don’t support democracy.

Poll: Democracy Now! or Boycott for Equal Time?

IW: One of our regular readers has complained that we should not reflect Democracy Now! stories.  The complaint is based on the valid point that Democrcay Now! does not give equal time to reporting on Green Party candidates.  Because of that this reader feels we should not promote the show.

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