back to the convention from a quick lunch

[IW]: We were greeted in re-entering the hall by a recorded speech from Columbian Green Party Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt. It was followed very quickly by the 2002 Massachusetts Green Rainbow candidate for governor Jill Stein. Now Illinois Party candidate for the Congressional 4th District, who began his welcome in Spanish for the international visitors.

Ingrid Betancourt story on CNN…mentions Green Party

The schedule on CNN: here. From a green list-serve: The movie they are showing over and over tonight on CNN called “The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt” …mentions the Green Party. It is a movie made by an independent film maker in 2003. As reported on the wilderside previously: Ingrid Betancourt’s husband, Juan Carlos […]

Ingrid Betancourt: Why does the press forget to mention the Green Party?

I have to admit, I am not studied on international affairs – even in my own party. I kept thinking that I had seen Green Party writing about Ingrid Betancourt. Though, this week, I was focused mainly on her wonderful rescue. It turns out that Ingrid Betancourt had been the Green Party candidate for President. […]