Don’t allow Luft to hijack the Green Party line for Suffolk County Family Court either

Judge Luft is not alone in trying to hijack the Green Party line for Suffolk County Family Court, I just picked up a voice message from Harkin and Hughes.

The world must see al-Zeidi. The world should watch his life story video.

Sign petition to support al-Zeidi: here at CodePink. KW: I am extremely concerned that the world was promised a “court appearance” by the eloquent shoe-thrower, Muntader al-Zeidi. Yet, he never appeared. The court only claimed that he had seen a judge with a court-appointed lawyer. Since there are conflicting accounts on if he was beaten […]

Judge makes bad ballot access decision in Maine

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News Maine Independent Senate Candidate Loses Ballot Access Case September 17th, 2008 On September 17, U.S. District Court Judge John Woodcock, a Bush Jr. appointee, ruled against an independent candidate for U.S. Senate. The candidate, Laurie Dobson, turned her signatures in on time to the town clerks, but some town clerks […]

Poems for the people subject to DWI photos in Nassau

Poems by Kimberly Wilder: Her Whenever we see a face like that, my husband and I would say to each other, “That person looks like they had a hard life.” Guess that is a sort of blessing of sympathy. A reminder that the two of us have our casual smiles, and healthy complexion due to […]

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