Green Party calls for an end to the “bipartisan economic war” on Blacks and Latinos/as, who suffer the brunt of the subprime crisis and economic meltdown

Green Party urges a program for millions of new public works jobs and financial security for Americans instead of Wall Street handouts Green Party leaders said today that Democratic and Republican politicians are pursuing fiscal agenda, including responses to the subprime mortgage crisis, that amount to an “economic war” on Black and Latino/a people across […]

The truth about Eli Mystal and illegal immigrants

KW: The story of then-Legislator Elie Mystal saying an outrageous remark about immigrants, and the response to that remark, demonstrates some stark realities about the difficulties of community organizing, public communications, and keeping relationships among activists. The story below, by Elie Mystal’s son, inspires me, by confronting two awkward situations: former Legislator Elie Mystal, a […]