Valentine’s gifts in Huntington: Mystic Warrior

Sadly, our friends at Mystic Warrior have closed up their shop.  The old post about them is below. Click the “more” link.  For the latest in Valentine’s Day gifts, try a vintage piece of jewelry from our family company Wilderside Ltd.’s newest enterprise [etsy-include=WildersideJewelry;14593092]

Something beautiful for Valentine’s Day

Do you still need a special gift for a special someone for Valentine’s Day? There is a store on your way out east on Long Island, that Ian and I always love to visit. Whenever I go in, I see all the jewelry sparkling, the scarves, and many-colored textiles, and I just want to take […]

On a whimsical, very local, and somewhat personal note: Multi-Family Yard Sale

Well, Ian and I won’t be there, but some of our stuff will be. Some of our musician and artist friends are having a multi-family tag sale in Huntington. Maybe you will show up and make their day?… Saturday, May 22nd 10am-4pm (No early birds please) Multi-Family Yard Sale. Something for everyone. 14 Bouton Street […]