Thursday May 30th: Call to support Lynne Stewart

KW writes: We have received the request to support Lynne Stewart from so many quarters. Wanted to share it on the blog. Lynne Stewart is a movement lawyer, whose situation has been highlighted by The National Lawyer’s Guild and many other groups and organizations. Message from Lynne — Call for compassionate release Thursday, May 30 […]

WBAI Election Results (99.5 FM peace and justice radio)

WBAI is part of the national network of Pacifica Radio stations. Broadcasting from New York City, it reaches a wide ranging area, including parts of New Jersey and Long Island. WBAI 99.5FM is community radio dedicated to peace and justice. The station recently held an election. Winners below. Details at read more. The newly elected/re-elected […]

An update on Lynne Stewart and how you can help

Lynne Stewart’s bail has been revoked, and she is now being held in jail after the Second Circuit ruled on her and the government’s appeals on Tuesday, November 17, 2009. You can read the opinion and other motions to stay  [ at http://lynnestewart .org/ ] Lynne Stewart 053504-054 MCC/NY 150 Park Row New York, NY 10007 […]