Was Michelle Obama at Chelsea’s wedding?

Kimberly writes: Every once in awhile, I have to write up one of my whimsical, musing, half-guesses about news stories. The press has said that President Obama was not on the guest list for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. But, no one ever said anything about Michelle. If I were Michelle Obama, I would really, really want […]

Wild conspiracy theory: Who was really behind Power Shift 2009?

Live streaming of the Power Shift/Capitol Climate Action demo against the Capitol coal plant in DC: here. KW: I thought this one up on Friday before Power Shift 2009. I am publishing it after Power Shift is mostly over. (with the anti-coal demonstration in DC underway.) Didn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.

Inauguration Evening: Michelle Obama’s gown

KW: The news event that many of us have been waiting for: What did Michelle Obama wear to the inauguration balls? She wore white. Which is sweet, like a young bride. And, the AP describes her gown in this way: “…a white chiffon one-shoulder gown… “Her full-skirted dress had a strap across her right shoulder, […]

Inauguration: Ladies and gift giving

“…and then the ladies follow behind” Overheard on C-Span as they describe the order of the cars in the motorcade to the swearing in. I suppose that when human beings and even modern families get together, there is a sense of “the boys” and “the girls” or “the men” and “the ladies”. But, the phrase […]

Should greens have done anything different to prepare for the Inauguration?

Should there have been a big peace protest at this Inauguration? I am someone who went to the first George Bush Inauguration to speak out against the stolen election and stand up for peace and democracy. (I remember our joy as we chanted “Hail to the Thief” all day, and then it hailed!) As a […]