TWL: Things We Love |

TWL will focus us on exploring what more of what peace means in the  rest of our lives, such as what it means to freecycle; to be a vegetarian; a locavore; a community member; to use nonviolent communication; and to clean with vinegar.  And more.   But first, We want to hear from you! What […]

From Batman to Gandhi: Comics from Super Heroes to the Nonviolent 1/19/09 NYC

From Batman to Gandhi:  Comics from Super Heroes to the Nonviolent Three Events at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art, Manhattan–MLK Week: Jan. 19th, 2-:30pm, Workshop-Urban Empathy: Living with Compassion in the Big Apple Jan. 22nd 7pm, Moderated Discussion & Launch of Urban Empathy Jan. 24th 1-3pm, Workshop-Making Comics in Adobe Flash No other […]

The Art Of Conscious Communication LINVC Mar/Apr 08

A Foundations One Introduction Course in the Practices and principles of NonViolent Communication ·         How do you deal with conflict? ·         Do you become angry or frustrated? ·         Do you shut down emotionally or hold back? ·         Do you feel frightened or immobilized? ·         Are you frustrated that people don’t see your side? ·         Do […]