WRL Organizers Criss-cross the Country (via The War Resisters League Blog)

The following are several brief reports from organizing coordinator Kimber Heinz and field organizer Ali Issa on their travels across the country from Chicago to New Mexico, and Pittsburgh to Detroit. On May 31st, field organizer Ali Issa made a trip to Chicago where he took part in a joint strategy session with Iraq Veterans […]

Buffalo City Council Votes to Ban Gas Drilling and Fracking | AlterNet

Pittsburgh made headlines not too long ago by approving a measure to ban corporate personhood and the controversial natural gas drilling practice of “fracking” which can contaminate water sources. And now, Buffalo is rocking the boat too. Buffalo News reports: The Common Council has voted to ban any form of natural gas extraction in Buffalo, […]

Arrest video from Pittsburgh: real or drama?

There were many arrests at the G-20 economic meeting protests in Pittsburgh yesterday. There is a video going around that says it is of a sudden arrest of a demonstrator from the G-20. I am currently seeking information such as the name of the person arrested or his friends. But, people on youtube are asking […]

Mixed Blessings: Rev Billy in AP coverage of Pittsburgh G-20 protests

KW: The AP Story has a certain bias towards the status quo. The article paints an unflattering portrait of the anarchists. But, at least it blames “a small group” or anarchists of throwing things, rather than the hundreds of other protesters. (But, just another divide and conquer tactic?) Also, the story mentioned Reverend Billy Talen, […]

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