Stop-and-Frisk Down, Safety Up: NYCLU

Stop-and-frisk incidents have fallen dramatically while crime in New Stop & FriskYork City remains at record lows, according to data analysis released by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU).

NYCLU Lawsuit Challenges Appalling Conditions at Suffolk County Jails

People housed at Suffolk County Correctional Facilities – whether or not they have been convicted of a crime – are forced to live amidst overflowing sewage, chronic overcrowding, rodent and insect infestations, pervasive mold and rust, and other deplorable and dehumanizing conditions

NYCLU Sues Nassau County to Establish Jail Oversight Board

Following the recent suicide of an Iraq war veteran housed at the Nassau County Correctional Center – the fifth inmate suicide in less than two years – the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit

Peter Yarrow as apologist on Tim DeChristopher trial

Peter Yarrow’s article about Tim DeChristopher gets a lot right, and a lot wrong.   Yarrow rightly pins the blame squarely on President Bush for wrongly scheduling auctions to sell off mineral rights for protected land Then Yarrow veers off track, both factually and morally.  His misdirection is based on his inability to  pin the […]

NYCLU: State Ban on Prison-Based Gerrymandering Helps Ensure Equal Representation

IW: The use of prisoners for a body count for election districts in which they are imprisoned while they did not have the right to vote always reminded me of the 3/5 person count of slaves  in the Constitution. Nine Republican state senators are among plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed this week challenging New York […]

Georgia Green Party to Gov. Deal: Investigate ‘ongoing pattern’ of inmate abuse

In a letter sent this morning to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, officers of the Georgia Green Party urged that he suspend five Department of Corrections employees at Telfair State Prison pending the results of an investigation into the criminal assault of January 12th on Georgia inmate Shawn Whatley.  Party officers ask if a ‘criminal conspiracy’ […]

Georgia Green Party Demands Real Reductions in Incarceration Costs, Reject Deal’s Failure to Challenge Racist Impact

After last week praising Governor Deal’s expressed concern for the wasted lives, drained treasury and depleted workforce left in the wake of the nation’s war on drugs, Georgia Green Party leaders today rejected Deal’s specific proposals. Bruce Dixon, Press Secretary of the Georgia Green Party said: The cost savings proposed by the Governor are a […]

Parole is Sustained for Lori Berenson

For authentic info from Lori’s family, please go to the web-site of the committee to support Lori:   From Lori’s family: A three judge panel has rejected an appeal by the Peruvian State Prosecutor that would have returned Lori and Salvador to prison. The panel reaffirmed the decision of the original judge granting Lori parole because she has […]

DN!: Prisoner Advocate Elaine Brown on Georgia Prison Strike: “Repression Breeds Resistance”

At least four prisons in Georgia remain in lockdown five days after prisoners went on strike in protest of poor living and working conditions. Using cell phones purchased from guards, the prisoners coordinated the nonviolent protests to stage the largest prison strike in U.S. history. There are reports of widespread violence and brutality by the […]

Georgia Green Party Urges Negotiated Response to Georgia’s Inmate Sitdown Strike

Georgia Green Party leadership today are urging that calls of concern be placed to the Georgia Department of Corrections urging negotiations with, not retribution against peaceful strikers in six Georgia prisons. In a call to action published at: and a blog post, at: the Party publishes the demands of striking prisoners and urges a humanitarian […]

Juvenile Justice Military Style (via Chrisy58’s Weblog)

Published on Sunday, August 22, 2010 by Juvenile Justice Military Style by Christopher Brauchli O neglectful nature, wherefore art thou thus partial, becoming to some of thy children a tender and benignant mother, to others a most cruel and ruthless stepmother? — Leonardo da Vinci, The Notebooks It’s a valuable lesson we’re being taught […]

Touro Law: The Tankleff case and the problem of unjust convictions

Students from the Touro Criminal Law Society organized an event “The Tankleff Case and the Problem of Unjust Convictions.” The panelists were: Martin Tankleff; Robert Gottlieb, Bruce Barket, Mark Dwyer, and Professor Richard Moran.