Just Kids by Patti Smith

Maybe I am not the most objective observer.  I love Patti Smith‘s music, and I love her politics.  And now I have to say I love her writing in Just Kids.  Her book was an addictive read.  I usually sit with a book for months.  I finished this book in a week.   Her style of […]

Sat. Aug 22nd: Media Crime at Bartini in Babylon

LET’S ROCK! On Saturday, August 22nd MEDIACRIME will be doin’ it live at: Bartini Bar 124 North Carll ave. Babylon, N.Y. Opening the festivities will be Displaced Persons The show starts around 9:30 PM ‘See ya there! _______________ Media Crime’s music includes: rock, punk, folk and garage/psychedelic influences Above photo: Eddie Havoc, bandmember and activist […]

Patti Smith recommends a youtube…

On Saturday, August 15th, Patti Smith performed in Westhampton Beach Long Island. Among her blessings and suggestions for the audience was to check out the song “Vecchia Zimarra” (which Smith described as “Ode to an Old Overcoat”) from La Boheme as performed in a Pavrotti Master Class on youtube.

Music: The Final Outrage…

THE FINAL OUTRAGE!!! The Legendary Spunk Lads’s last show is this Saturday, October 25, 2008.  The end of an era.  Lead Singer Nick Knickers is leaving Brooklyn for the internally-combustive climes of Detroit, Michigan.  While it’s possible some heretofore unpredictable cosmic event will bring the Lads together, everyone knows the cosmos do what they want…when […]