Working Families Party Tries to Undermine the Anti-Fracking Movement the Way It Undermined the Anti-War Movement 4 Years Ago

Critique from a Green Party member: Working Family Party told anti-war voters to support pro-war candidates on their line in 2006, and after they won, never said another word about being anti-war. Now, when it is just a few days after the Green Party nominates a strong anti-fracking candidate for Governor, Howie Hawkins, the WFP comes out with a faux anti-fracking action alert. The Working Families Party in NY should be called the “We’re Faux Progressives” Party.

Water issues, fracking upstate, etc. on WBAI: Tuesday, December 1st at 11am

From: Ken Gale Hi, folks, Exploding toilets.  Exploding wells.  Contaminated drinking water. This is what has happened in other states that have allowed Halliburton’s hydraulic fracturing process to reach natural gas deposits in shale. 

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