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Green Party Leaders Blast Anti-Immigrant Bills, Urge Repeal of NAFTA
Greens join protests against punitive anti-immigrant bills, urge repeal of NAFTA

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party candidates and members across the U.S. have
spoken out against proposed immigration bills, and are participating in various rallies and other actions to protest punitive legislation, such  as House Bill 4437, directed at undocumented immigrants and those who assist them.

“We call on Congress and state legislatures to reject laws that turn people into criminals for seeking a better life for themselves and their families,” said Carol Brouillet, Green candidate for Congress in California’s 14th District <>. “Congress should police those in high office who abuse power, rather than attack the most vulnerable members of society who have been underpaid and exploited, and have done the most back-breaking labor to put food on our tables.”

Many Green Party members support ‘El Gran Paro Americano 2006: Un dia sin immigrante’ (‘The Great American Boycott 2006: A day without an immigrant’)
general strike and boycott planned for May 1 to demonstrate the economic
clout of immigrants <>.

“This country was founded on immigration,” said Rae Vogeler, Wisconsin Green
candidate for U.S. Senate <>, who attended a rally in
Madison in support of immigrant rights on April 10 and has spoken out against two bills in her state, Wisconsin Senate Bill 657 and Assembly Bill 69. “With the exception of American Indians, we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Yet, there are several bills at the state and national level that will be devastating to immigrants, as well to lower-income U.S. citizens. These bills discriminate against those least able to afford and obtain documentation of legal residency status, whether they be immigrants, or citizens of the United States.”

Greens emphasized the role of international trade pacts, which benefit corporate elites at the expense of labor, human rights, and environmental protections, in recent mmigration to the U.S.

“If we’re really concerned about the flow of new immigrants into the U.S., we’d address the damage cause by NAFTA,” said said Sundiata Tellem, co-chair of the Green Party’s national Black Caucus. Mr. Tellem, a Texas Green, is married to an immigrant. “International trade authorities have allowed transnational corporations to slash wages, disrupt other nations’ economies by dumping U.S. products on their markets, privatize water and other public goods and services, and pollute the land. Many new immigrants,
especially those who arrive impoverished and without documentation, are fleeing
nightmares in their home countries. We urge all Americans to stand up for their safety and for the rights of working people who are already citizens of the U.S., and join the Green Party’s call for repeal of NAFTA and similar trade pacts.”

Green Party leaders also called for passage of immigrant reform legislation, such as the American Families Act, which contains provisions that allows families to unite, including same-gender couples and their families. Greens note that many people fleeing into the U.S. have done so to escape sexual abuse, repression based on gender, and anti-gay and anti-transgender violence.

“Hostile anti-immigrant laws, walls along the border, workplace raids, and armed vigilantes have put an ugly face on our nation,” said Rebecca Rotzler, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and an indigenous American (Eskimo). “America at its best welcomes those who come here for economic security, political asylum, and escape from ethnic, sexual, and religious discrimination.”

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