URGENT: Some Sat, March 17, 2007 Peace Vigils Postponed

The “peace surge” events planned for today, March 17 by the North Country Peace Group in Setauket and the Bellport Women In Black in Bellport are being essentially postponed.

Setuaket….I spoke with Susan Kane this morning.  Juan G is currently away.  Susan says they will postpone the scheduled procession along Route 25A that was to begin at 10:30 AM at the Stop & Shop parking lot.  However she did say that her & Myrna would TRY to make it to the regular corner (Bennets & Rte 25A) at 11:00 AM just in case people showed up.  She also said she was not sure just how long they would stand there.

The snow has turned into an “ice skating rink” & right here in Patchogue it is almost impossible to even stand on it without slipping.  Susan informs me this morning the procession event & a push for a large turn out at the regular corner will be postponed to another date.

Bellport….I just spoke with Eve S.  While the big peace surge and the walk through Bellport is being postponed (possibly next Saturday?), Eve did say she will try to walk up to the regular WIB corner (S Country Rd & Station Rd) hersef and stand there for awhile at 11:00 AM.  So here again someone will be there just in case others arrive.

As I get further details about the rescheduling of these events I’ll get them out on all my e mail lists.


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