44 Arrested Protesting Wall Street War Profiteers

from Next Left Notes:

New York, NY – March 20, 2007. A total of forty-four people were arrested in the March 19th protests against war profiteering at the New York Stock Exchange. Many of those arrested are members of the War Resisters League. Also arrested were members of the Green Party, the Industrial Workers of the World, Catholic Worker, the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists, the Granny Peace Brigade and Movement for a Democratic Society. A member of New School SDS was apparently swept by the NYPD: a number of SDS were on hand to support the action and one of these students was arrested. 11 members of a spirited Ya Basta! bloc were arrested in a related action. Most of the protesters were released late in the day on Monday, many with a court appearance on April 17, 2007. 5 arrestees who were held overnight were arraigned early the next day.

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