Common Cause Con Job


Common Cause asks you to support Senators Durbin and Specter so-called “Fair Elections Now Act”by saying that “Fair elections equal better politics – plain and simple.”  You have to go several levels down their website to find out how the bill works.  Turns out its more business as usual. You have to go several levels down in their website to get to the FAQ on Sen. Durbin’s Fair Elections Now Act.  Under section 5 that answers the question “How does a candidate qualify for the Fair Elections Benefits?“, go to the last sentence which reads:

Minor and Indepedent candidates would have to raise at 150% of the number of qualified contributions that a mjor party candidate must raise in the same election.

How is that fair? 

Where is their common cause with the 1/3 of Americans who don’t subscribe to either party.

Click here to contact Common Cause to tell them to drop support for this Un-Fair bill.

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