Self Imposed Political Prisoners

from Vote Dark Horse

Ralph Nader did not cost Gore the 2000 election. Al Gore cost Al Gore the 2000 election. Gore had the opportunity to court the Green Party vote. If the Nader voters really wanted Gore for President, they would have voted Gore for President. Gore lost because not enough people wanted him to win. He lost because he failed to impress enough people to win. To claim anything else is just wrong.

Everyone just accepts that their only options are the two candidates given to them by the main parties. When you only have two candidates, you wind up voting for one because you don’t want the other to win. Considering a third (or fourth) option forces you to make a choice as to which is the best. Any time you don’t vote for the choice you really want, even if you win, you still lose. I don’t claim to have studied any political theory, but this idea of voting to minimize your losses reminds me strongly of the prisoner’s dilemma of game theory, though I know it doesn’t directly apply in this case. Like the PD, I do think it is possible to learn and adapt new strategies that will result in an optimum solution. But people have got to start thinking for themselves.

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