Green Party opposes confirmation of antigay doctor as Surgeon General

Dr. Holsinger will do to medical policy what the White House has done to research on global warming — censoring and distorting science that doesn’t fit the Bush agenda

Demand Congress Block Holsinger Nomination

Dear Friends:

I’m absolutely stunned, and furious, over President Bush’s nomination of the alleged Doctor, James W. Holsinger, Jr., to serve as Surgeon General of the United States.

In case you don’t already know, Holsinger authored a position in 1991, to the effect that homosexuality is medically unnatural and unhealthy. This position was submitted as part of an alleged ‘study committee on behalf of the United Methodist Church, which organization he still serves as head of its Judicial Council.

I will not waste your time, and mine, citing the numerous examples of homosexuality in the animal kingdom; nor with the details of current medical evidence that heterosexuality is more promiscuous and a greater contributor to the ongoing spread of the AIDS virus.

I will say this: that public health policy must be created and enforced in accordance with medical evidence, not with the dictates of dogma.

Understand clearly: if Holsinger is installed to head the U.S. Public Health Service, we the public can count on massive cutbacks of funding for AIDS research, family planning programs and public-health education. This is entirely unacceptable.

I beg you: do NOT sit idly by while Congress rolls over on yet another Bush outrage. Do NOT allow this weak Congress a moment’s peace from pressure to do what they surely know is right. Contact your Representatives, Senators and Party Leaders to bar the alleged Dr. James W. Holsinger, Jr., from appointment to the office of the Surgeon General.

Gratefully yours,

Alan Augustson
Green Party Candidate for President

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