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Inspirational highlights from the Green Party Presidential Candidates Forum, held in Reading, PA on Friday, July 13, 2007 at the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting.

Other Videos from Green Party annual national meeting in Reading PA:

Posts reporting on Green Party annual national meeting in Reading PA:

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  1. Since July 4 there’s been a Draft McKinney effort on MySpace.


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  3. I voted for Nader in 2000 . I was greatly upset though
    when he had the opportunity to show what he could do in office by running for Ca. governor but did not .

    He could have not only protected us from the power companies , but advanced us and our stand for state rights , health care and environmental issues .
    If we dont put our strongest candidates in atainable offices to prove what we can do we will never get in a national debate much less office!!!

    I have so much respect for what he has done ,but so much sorrow for what he could have done , if only he had worked for change rather than going for the most visible conflict .

  4. I am angry and afraid of what is happening to our country and the world in general…I want better choices when it comes to voting and I want change in our government NOW!…It really angers me however, to try to understand Greens and Nader…I feel like I threw my vote away in 2000 when I voted for Nader…He comes across as a spoiler because you never hear anything about him on mainstream news or television…Where is he during debates and in the papers??? I hear about all the other candidates EXCEPT for Nader…What’s Nader doing? I have no idea, I will never vote for him again because I don’t feel he has the guts or gumption to get out there on the national stage and push for change…Is it media’s fault? Or can’t Nader raise any money? And I’m very sorry, but I TRIED to struggle through Cynthia McKinney’s videos on this site, but she is dull witted and comes across as slow, dull, and painfully un-intelligent. I was surprised actually to see her part of the Greens because I really thought her behavior with the capital cop slapping incident portrayed her as arrogant and uncivilized…I mean, slapping a cop and getting attitude about it…she’s no one I want leading anything…I want change, but Nader’s g0nna have to step up and make himself visible!

  5. I share in your anger, but I feel that it is misdirected toward our fellow victims of our corporately-controlled society. The right wing corporate media control what we hear and how we hear it. I would suggest that you use non-corporate media such as indymedia, pacifica, democracy now!, greg palast, the BBC, and the Guardian.

    They have cut Nader out of the dialogue because he constantly exposes their abuses. Nader is constantly active, but only a billionaire could try to cut through the media blockade. And even then they can refuse to take ads as they did with anti-war ads during the superbowl.

    The same is true for Cynthia McKinney. Neither the Democratic or Republican parties want her in office, so they twice worked to get her removed. The story about the Capitol Hill cop is a fairy tale spun by the corporate media to help defeat an out-spoken critic. She was not at a security check point, but down the hall and around the corner when she was accosted from behind. She swatted at the unknown hand that grabbed her as would most anyone. Furthermore not only only are the Capitol Hill cops paid to recognize the 500 Congresspeople, but they had hassled her so much in the past that they had to take a class in recognizing her prior to this incident. As a relative recently said to me, her building’s doorman knew her name the day after she moved in, how could the Capitol Hill police claim not to recognize a 4-term Congresswoman?


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