Daily Greens: Press Conference with presidential candidates

New video:

Daily Greens: Green Party Presidential Candidate Press Conference


This is semi-exclusive footage. The only other videographer at this event was the documentarian. For other video from wilderside media, see links below description of the press conference.

Candidates speaking include green candidates and independent candidates who are seeking the Green Party endorsement for President 2008: Dan Imperato (Independent); Mike “Jingo” Jingozian (Libertarian/Green); Jesse Johnson (Mountain Party, a GP-US affiliate); Jerry Kann (Green); Gail Parker (Independent Greens of VA, a non-affiliated green group not connected to GP-US or the Green Part of Virginia); “Average” Joe Schriner (Green); Kat Swift (Green). Topics include: The national debt; injustices of credit card debt; Why run a Green Party presidential candidate?; immigration; and the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton dynasty.

Other videos from the Green Party Annual National Meeting in Reading PA:

Posts reporting on Green Party annual national meeting in Reading PA:

We are also excited to share our youtube page where we collect the best videos posted about Local Green Campaigns, International Greens, Democracy and Ballot Issues, Ecology Initiatives (and more): http://www.youtube.com/wildervideo

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