Peace March in East Hampton, LI: Sat. Aug. 25, 2007

img_0139.JPGEast Enders for Peace & Justice March/Rally

Saturday, August 25
Main St East Hampton

Dear Friends of Peace,

The peace coalition East Enders for Peace and Justice is sponsoring a March and Rally Against the War (alas! Once again.) on Saturday, August 25 between 3 and 5:30 PM on Main Street, East Hampton.

We have a specific permit from the village to march and display signs and the photographs of the Fallen.

We suggest that you park in the Long-term parking areas west of the railroad station. We will meet a bit before 3pm in front of Bookhampton on the north side of Main Street to pick up signs. Those who wish to march (walk) will gather there as well as those who would prefer to stand with their signs. The East End Vets will be our parade marshals.

Please get the word out to all your friends because we want this to be a Giant Turnout!!

We want to send the message that “the Hamptons” is more than a place to spend money, that we are watching with concern the upcoming “Petraeus Report,” that we want our children home alive and whole. Bring signs if you have them. We’ll make as many as we can!

from a post by East End Report

2 Responses

  1. As someone who grew up in Suffolk County, the Hamptons remains a place where billionaire liberals let their children get drunk in the clubs, and occasionally run people over in their car.

    This may seem like unfair stereotyping, but so is holding anti-war rallies before listening to what General Petraeus has to say.

    The anti-war marchers have their minds made up without hearing him, which tells me that they believe they know more than him.

    Openmindedness goes a long way, but still not to the Hamptons.


  2. I live in the other end of the county, and I think you are missing the point. It is not about the latest military report nor where the peace march protest takes place. The Iraq invasion was a mistake from the beginning which the closed-minded Republican and Democratic elected officials refused to listen to. We need to leave. Immediately.


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