Trumping Privitization of Jones Beach

I would like to alert you to  the Trump Catering Hall proposed for the State Park at Jones Beach. I heard about this but never gave it another thought until I heard Pat Friedman of the Nassau County Non Partisan Tax Revolt Coalition speak about it on WBAI. I then interview her on WUSB this past Thursday on my show “Lunch on Thursday”. This show is archived at for the next two weeks in case you are interested in hearing the entire interview.
The jist of things is that NYS is preparing to award a contract to Donald Trump to build a catering hall at the Beach. It’s a one bid contract, he has to put up no money, he wants NYS to pay his flood insurance, the catering fee is set at $250 per person with the prospect of rising to $500 per, there is to be a full basement to the Place, unusual for a low land area, and the prospect of possibly having the Boardwalk closed in front of the Hall so as not to mar the customers view. There would also be impact on the environment.
There has already been a hearing, held up state which she attended. She made it clear at that time that there has been no input from the public on the matter, that is strange to have a meeting so far from the site of where people will be impacted and that a hall of this pricing range, managed by private firms for profit, will take away from the Park that Robert Moses built as a Park for the People.
Is this an issue that your members should learn about? Pat is willing to speak at any and all meetings. She wants to arrange busses to the next meeting while at the same time she tries to bring about a change of meeting site to make it more accessible to people here on LI. Perhaps you could circulate this story with you lists. Then there is the archived interview.
I would be glad to furnish any information to you that I have.
Bill McNulty
{This whole thing reminds me of the catering hall and Hotel Babylon supervisors Schaffer adn Bellone tried to put on Oak Beach.  It also reminds me of the attempt to privatize the LI Sound with the Broadwater LNG project.  -ISW]

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  1. I was born and raised in Nassau County. I have loved the innocent beauty of Jones Beach for 42 years. I don’t want to see Jones Beach destroyed. All Nassau County residents will regret it if Trump gets his hands on this delicate property. They have already altered the traffic circle around the Jones Beach tower to acommodate the overwhelming amount of traffic this project will cause. The power and influence of Trump is staggering. I hope it’s not too late to stop this.

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