KPFK election results changed and certified

If you are looking for Green Party Super Tuesday Primary result try here:

From Kimberly:

We had been following the story of the elections as KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radion in Los Angeles. The election results had been reported with the comment that they were being challenged. It appears that the process is over and the results are certified.

With the first results, the Committee to Strengthen KPFK slate had won 7 out of 9 seats. The top vote-getter had been a write-in candidate whom that slate supported. In the new results, the write-in candidate, Ahjamu Makalani, was not elected (probably disqualified). And, in these new results, the Committee to Strengthen KPFK has 6 out of 9 seats, with the extra seat going to an independent, Israel Feuer.

The old post on the wilderside includes commentary about each candidate and what slate they belong to.

The new results are posted at the KPFK web-site here. And below.

The 2007 KPFK Local Station Board Elections is now over.

The ballots have been collected and quorum has been reached.

Official Elections Results Issued By Casey Peters, Pacifica National Election Supervisor

Listener – Sponsor Delegates

The list of KPFK Listener Sponsor Delegates elected in the 2007 vote, and certified by the National Elections Supervisor, is as follows:

Grace Aaron ELECTED (20th round)

Donna Warren ELECTED (22nd round)

Shel Plotkin ELECTED (24th round)

Leslie Radford ELECTED (25th round)

Summer Reese ELECTED (25th round)

Lich Doan ELECTED (25th round)

Ricco Ross ELECTED (28th round)

Reza Pour ELECTED (28th round)

Israel Feuer ELECTED (28th round)





Staff Delegates – Results issued by Casey Peters Jan 20th 2008

Margaret Prescod 20.5 ELECTED (6th round)

Shawn Casey O’Brien 20 ELECTED (7th round)

Jonathan Alexander 19.33 ELECTED (8th round)

Raymundo Reynoso 19 FIRST ALTERNATE

Don Bustany 14.33 SECOND ALTERNATE

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