Where to find CA Green Party Primary returns

The California Secretary of State posts updated results the state elections web-site:


President Green
84.5% ( 19550 of 23109 ) precincts reporting as of Feb 6, 2008, at 3:29 a.m.

Statewide Results

Candidate Votes Percent

Kent Mesplay (Grn) 514 2.1 %
Jared Ball (Grn) 393 1.6 %
Jesse Johnson (Grn) 452 1.8 %
Kat Swift (Grn) 742 3.0 %
Ralph Nader (Grn) 14,987 61.6 %
Elaine Brown (Grn) 1,089 4.5 %
Cynthia McKinney (Grn) 6,169 25.4 %

[Editor’s note from KW: It is wonderful that Elaine Brown could come in 3rd, even as she has withdrawn from the race and resigned from the party. A staff person at national disrespected Ms. Brown, and it wasn’t resolved well. Some people were voting for Elaine Brown as a sign of solidarity, and the need for the Green Party to examine issues of diversity. Elaine Brown’s results in MA will probably also reflect those positions.]

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