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Green Party Primary: In the news

from Arkansas:
The Morning News: Local News for Northwest Arkansas

…Arkansas also held its first Green Party presidential primary. Jim Lendall of Mablevale, Arkansas’ national committeeman, said there were some problems being reported with voters being unaware of the option of voting for the Green Party or not being offered a ballot at polling places. No clear winner had emerged in that primary from among four candidates on the Arkansas ballot.With more than 75 percent of the state vote counted, 53 percent of voters in the Green primary had voted uncommitted.

Cynthia McKinney had 21 percent of the vote and Jared Ball had 11 percent…

from Illinois:
Three articles (many, many more on line. great coverage in Illinois)

Cynthia McKinney (who won in Illinois, but not Nader who was only represented by someone else there) was listed in the following, regular media story here.

…After visiting Carbondale in December, Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney had claimed 77 percent of the county vote. McKinney, a former Democratic U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia, was listed on the first Green Party ballot in Illinois…

[Great to see coverage of local, Green candidates…]

…11th District: Seven-term GOP Rep. Jerry Weller is retiring amid questions about foreign land deals and his wife’s finances. Timothy Baldermann, who is both New Lenox Mayor and Chicago Ridge Police Chief, won the GOP nomination to face Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson and Green Party newcomer Jason Wallace this fall…

  • bnd.com story, with more about local Illinois candidate, Jason Wallace

from California:
The Monterey County Herald
by Jim Johnson

…SAVElections’ Brian Rothenberger sat outside a glass window at the county elections office, watching the tallies on a computer monitor, but Tulett rejected a request by Green Party representative Nancy Pratt to videotape the counting process.

Pratt, a member of SAVElections, argued that the secretary of state’s provisional recertification of touch-screen voting machines allowed for such access, but Tulett wouldn’t budge. Pratt said she would remain at the elections office until the last ballot was counted.

A representative from the secretary of state’s office showed up to watch the county’s polling procedures, said Tulett…

[Editor’s note from KW: I was so excited to see the media scrutinize election procedures, and mention the Green Party. Thought it was worth people dropping the reporter a thank you note: Jim Johnson can be reached at 753-6753 or jjohnson at montereyherald dot com.]

from Oregon
Oregon Daily Emerald

What I liked about this story is that, at least people and the media are starting to understand how the Green Party feels about the other candidates. That’s something, right?

In this article, the reporter quotes a man-on-the-street, Andrew Plambeck who is a University student, member of the College Democrats, and a Barack Obama supporter.

Plambeck was reluctant to say he would support Clinton should she be the nominee.

…”I would have concerns about how Hillary would run a campaign,” he said, though he would support most of her platform. “I wonder about people who might look for other options.”

He said former supporters of Ralph Nader and Green party members who flocked to the Democratic party after Al Gore lost in 2000 might be hesitant to support Clinton.

“I think some of those have been criticizing Hillary for her time on the board of directors of Wal-Mart and things like that. She probably deserves more support than people give her credit for, but I think there may definitely be an element of that,” he said…

from Massachusetts:
Wicked Local

…Getting back to Boston, the Republicans and Democrats were not the only parties holding primaries on Tuesday. There was also the Green Party, where in Boston, 184 people cast ballots. Ralph Nader emerged the winner in the city with 67 votes, compared to 64 for second-place finisher Cynthia McKinney. There were also 26 write-ins and 14 people who had no preference…

Note on activity here onthewilderside:

Onthewilderside is a pretty hopping blog, and we do cover a lot of Green stories. So, perhaps our stats mean something (I know it was fun for us this week.)

Our onthewilderside blog can usually be counted on for about 150 hits a day, with 300 hits on a good day (which happens once in awhile, like when there is a lot of election excitement, or big news in our local community.)

Two days ago, February 4, day-before-Super-Tuesday, we received over 350 hits.

On February 5, Super Tuesday, our blog received over 1,000 hits. It well surpassed our previous highest day (which happened about a month before a general election).

Each day, we usually get a handful of clicks out to the Ralph Nader web-sites and the Cynthia McKinney web-sites. This week, we got a few more than usual. Also, tons of hits on our posts listing states and dates for primaries.

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