In Spain, Truck Drivers Strike to Protest High Gas Prices

Updated on 6/16/06: Spain Truck Strike “suspended”. Fishermen’s strike news: within EU countries, 7 ministers will urge aid for fisherman. (France, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Malta)

Updated on 6/12/2008: Slow down in England. Story here.

Update on 6/12/2008: Portuguese hauliers end strike – Spanish protests continue. Story here.

Update on 6/10/2008: strike spreads to other countries, two people dead. full story at the Guardian here.

From the Guardian of England:

Spanish hauliers begin indefinite strike over fuel prices

Spanish lorry drivers [truck drivers] used their vehicles to block a major motorway link with France today, as hauliers launched an indefinite strike today in protest at the rise in fuel prices.

Lorry drivers blocked the AP-7, between Catalonia in northeastern Spain and the French border, and brought traffic to a standstill on the A-3 at Ribarroja in the eastern province of Valencia.

They also and blocked off industrial estates further north along the Mediterranean coast at Sagunto and in Castellón. Markets were closed at Benicarló and Vinaròs and other blockades were set to close a major route into Barcelona.

In the Basque Country, picketers were reported to have thrown stones at motorists who tried to pass their blockade.

The strike, launched shortly after midnight, was led by the National Federation of Transport Associations (Fenadismer), the second biggest lorry drivers’ union, which has 381,000 members

French lorry drivers announced they would join Spanish strikers and form a
blockade across the border into Catalonia.

With the threat of the strike looming over the weekend, thousands formed
queues outside petrol stations and supermarket chains in order to stock up
on petrol and food…

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