Dark Horizon for Verizon by Ralph Nader (via Dandelion Salad)

 It was only a matter of time before the “pull down” NAFTA and WTO trade agreements on U.S. wages and jobs would be followed by “pull down” contract demands by U.S. corporations on their unionized workers toward levels of non-unionized laborers. The most recent illustrati … Read More via Dandelion Salad Related articles 

Andrew Cuomo strikes out on union donation tale: Cash from apple juice bigs didn’t go to labor pals

When Andrew Cuomo was found pocketing campaign cash from both sides in an upstate labor battle, aides twice claimed he’d handed the money from management to the union’s strike fund. Just-released campaign finance records show otherwise – and confronted with this, Team Cuomo Tuesday backed off a story it had told for two months. via […]

Taking back The New School!

Update!: below is an archival story from Dec, 18, 2008. There was another student occupation on Friday, April 10, 2009. It was ended about 1pm today with riot police. (The students still want Bob Kerrey OUT as President of the school.) More about the April 10th events: here. _________ Some New School students are occupying […]

Support striking workers in NYC: Wed. Dec 10th at 6pm

Received this from a Green in Pennsylvania, on a Green Party/anti-racism list-serve: *Support Striking Stella D’Oro Workers!* Come to the picket line on Wednesday December 10 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Boycott Stella D’Oro Products! The 135 workers of Stella D”Oro biscuit company have been on strike since August 13. They are involved in […]

Workers going strong at Chicago factory…

(excerpt from) AP Congressman: Company to meet over workers’ sit-in By RUPA SHENOY CHICAGO (AP) — Laid-off workers staging a sit-in at their abruptly shuttered factory are “going strong” and have no plans to give up the protest over severance and vacation pay, a union leader said Monday. There is a solidarity petition: here, if […]

International Truck Driver Strike (that started in Spain)

Some updates and analysis from the web: South Korea‘s ports threatened to grind to a halt Sunday as thousands of truck drivers extended their damaging strike action over soaring fuel prices, officials said. – from Interactive Investor – Various Countries: The Chronicle Herald excerpt from “Anger boils in Europe over rising fuel prices”, by SHELLEY […]

In Spain, Truck Drivers Strike to Protest High Gas Prices

Updated on 6/16/06: Spain Truck Strike “suspended”. Fishermen’s strike news: within EU countries, 7 ministers will urge aid for fisherman. (France, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Malta) Updated on 6/12/2008: Slow down in England. Story here. Update on 6/12/2008: Portuguese hauliers end strike – Spanish protests continue. Story here. Update on 6/10/2008: strike spreads […]