Cynthia and Rosa make news: Feministe and AngryBrownButch

An article about Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, and the uniqueness of their all woman-of-color Presidential ticket appears in AngryBrownButch, cross-posted at Feministe. AngryBrownButch blog presents “politics, media, culture and life from a queer boricua in brooklyn”. The article is very detailed and interesting. Excerpts below. Click here for the full story.

Now, I understand that a nomination’s historical importance and newsworthiness tends to be defined by the likelihood of its success – or, as is often the case, by the degree to which people decide to blame the Democratic party’s failures on the Greens. Yet one would hope that in between all of the celebrity gossip and other tripe that makes it onto the news regularly, the mainstream media would find a little more time to devote to a presidential ticket that is unique not only for its makeup but also for the platform it’s running on, a platform that offers a radically different choice from the rightly-named corporate parties that dominate the politics of this nation.

But predictably, the mainstream media has almost completely ignored the McKinney/Clemente ticket. When they won the Green nomination, there were a few articles here, a few news reports here, most of them focusing more on the candidates’ chances of being “spoilers” in the upcoming election rather than focusing on, you know, their positions or platform or qualifications, all of which the MSM apparently deems irrelevant.

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